Dentist are you looking for a clear aligner program to help increase your office revenue?

Even though Invisalign is the most popular aligner program today, they are also the ones that cost the most and patients are going to alternative programs such as; Smile Club Direct to straighten their smile. Most patients do not realize how important it is to have healthy oral before starting treatment and will skip it to save the money. That is where we come in, we offer them a way to save the money on their treatment and to see a dentist to make sure that they’re going to have a successful treatment. You gain an opportunity to grow a patient and the patient can save the money. A Win.. Win!!!

When a patient purchases or reaches out to us, we are there to help them right away and will refer them your way. We know how important a healthy mouth is and will always advise to see a dentist in our network to make sure that your mouth is ready for advance movement of teeth. Do you want to be a dentist that we refer to?

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